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Box Review #2

Another box! This box is called MunchPak, which will bring you various snacks from around the world. Let’s look inside~


So it looks like there’s a bunch of hazelnut and chocolate combos, some “pepper crackers”, and something with no English on it other than “sour paper.” Sounds delicious.

Sour paper — A product of Japan

Well, the name and the looks are certainly something. Judging by the excited bottles on the wrapper, my guess it that this is soda-flavored, so let’s hope for the best.

And whadya know? It is soda flavored. It’s got some fruitiness to it and whole lotta sugar. It isn’t bad though; it’s actually pretty good.

Note: I did some checking on the MunchPak website, and apparently my tongue doesn’t work because there’s supposedly ginger in this. I never noticed.

“Nutymax” — from Turkey

Doesn’t seem like shipping treated these poor guys well at all. They’re just crumbling in my hands as I try to eat them. Maybe they’re trying to escape the inevitable fate of being eaten. Maybe they were born like that. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

That being said, these are nice, crispy wafers covered in chocolate. The little blobs have what seems to be creamy hazelnut chocolate filling. Aside from the crumbs now everywhere on my desk, these are also pretty good. The hazelnut flavor is there, but more of an undertone than anything else. Like something you smell in the back of your nose.

Yoyo Hazelnut Wafer — from Jordan

Yes, that’s right. I stole these from that popular kid named Jordan.

These are in a lot better condition than the previous hazelnut wafer. They also don’t fall into itty bitty little pieces that fall who-knows-where, which is another plus. The hazelnut cream in this is also stronger, so it’s more on par with the chocolate taste instead of being an undertone.

Nutella fundelina — from Greece

What do we have here? Nutella? Pretty much. This tastes almost exactly like Nutella. Except one thing is different. Those biscuits? They taste like bricks.
Bricks and Nutella don’t go well, surprisingly.

“Pepper Crackers” — from Taiwan

Mmm, pepper crackers. Sounds like something just chock-full of zesty spice, no? No. These have absolutely no taste to them.
Ab-so-lute-ly none.


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