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Food review #3

Chips! Who doesn’t love a good bag or three of chips? Especially prison chips.


“The Whole Shabang” aka prison chips

There are only two places to get these sort of chips: on their website, and prison. The company that makes these chips makes food for prisons as well, where the chips originally started out, and are still being served.
Totally worth it to go to prison for these chips.
You can trust me.

Prison chips!

The Good

Have you ever had all dressing chips? These taste just like those, except stronger. Much stronger. It’s such a strong flavor that it stays in your mouth, almost under your tongue, for a while after you eat them. If you haven’t had all dressing chips, then a) I suggest you get up and go get some right this second, and b) Imagine salt and vinegar, but with a kick of something reminiscent of barbeque. They taste like almost every flavor of chips packed into one. It’s tangy, like vinegar, but has a dash of sweet to it. Perfect if you like sweet and sour flavored stuff.

The Bad 

When you go on their website, you can’t buy just one bag. They have options of 6 or 12 packs, but not one single bag. The least you can buy is a variety pack, and that comes with two bags of these chips, as well as two of all their other products and four of their packs of peanuts. (So 12 packs of things total.) It’s not friendly to people who just want a small taste.

The Neutral

The taste lingers for quite a while, which will affect whatever less-strongly flavored things you consume next, like water. It’s not exactly the most pleasant feeling, but if you’re in the mood to just have a flavor in your mouth, these will do the trick.


These chips are wonderful. I love strong flavors, and these are the epitome of strongly flavored chips.  They pack more of a punch than your everyday salt and vinegar chips, so if you don’t like vinegary/strong flavors, these might not be the best for you.
Also, try not to get yourself in prison just to try these.
Although if you do, try to bring some home.


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