Food stuffs, Savory stuffs

Food review #5

So, let’s say you’re in the store and you see something weird. What do you do?

a) Buy it and eat it; what could go wrong?
b) “Uh, what is this” to the nearest person wearing the store brand on their shirt
c) Buy it and give it to the local crackhead and see if it kills him before you try it
d) Ignore it – like a loser.

Well, whatever you said, you’re wrong. The answer is e) Say “what the hell is this and who in their right minds would make it, let alone buy it and eat it?!” before buying it and shoveling it into your mouth.

Do I even want to know?

It smells like cheese. And not the good kind of cheese.

I suppose you could cover the labels and feed it to your kids to see if they die or anything
Stupid crumby toast.

The Good

It actually doesn’t taste much different than normal butter, if you ignore the smell. It’s a bit stronger than normal butter, and leaves more of a buttery feeling on your tongue. It’s also a tad saltier than normal butter, but maybe it just lost a rank in LoL.

The Bad

It smells like cheese left in your left sock for three months.
Okay, I’m exaggerating. Two months.
But wow- that smell is just…that smell is something else. So overly cheesy, like cheese goo at the baseball park. Might as well sink your nose into a vat of that stuff.

The Neutral

I don’t like bread and I put it on bread to taste.
This was not a smart idea.
I am not smart.


Cover the labels and ignore the wretched smell, put it on your kid’s toast and you’re ready to go. It’s almost impossible to taste the difference from regular butter. Over at What’s Good at Trader Joe’s, they say it’s milder than regular butter, so keep that in mind.


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