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Box review #3

This box is the “Sweets Giftbox” which is a part of “ family” and this month’s theme is “A Taste of Outer Space.” Sounds like fun, no?

I totally didn’t murder that sticker.
*space noises*

Let’s begin, shall we?

Item number one

Two Moon Shortbread Lemon Sugar Cookies

“These yummy cookies are sure to send you to the moon and back! The tart lemon highlights the sweet vanilla, making this delicious vegan shortbread a special treat – sure to brighten even the darkest of galaxies!”

Hmm. I’m not exactly one for vegan food…but sure. Why not. They smell like those lemon wafers I had the other day.

There’s no lemon taste, though, or certainly not a “tart” lemon. It’s more like…orange or some other citrus, but not lemon. It smells more lemony than it tastes. It’s not really sweet either, more just like lemon scented bread. Yum…?

Might’ve been better if it wasn’t vegan – no offense to vegans. I just like having animal stuff in my food.

Item number two

:Vintage Confections Outer Space Marshmallows

“Ever eat a planet before? These bite sized planets, sun and moon are a sugary, delectable delight to any pallet. Each one has the perfect amount of fluff and flavor in every bite. Eat by itself, in hot cocoa or make a s’mores treat!”

Well, these just look like marshmallows with edible stickers stuck to the top of them (especially cause you can peel them off), so I don’t expect too much from these. Okay, after I picked one up, it feels more like those temporary tattoos you buy from a party supplies store. Not appetizing in my opinion.
They taste like marshmallows with stickers on them. Not much else. Next!

Item number three

Mayana Chocolate Space Bar

“You’ll want some serious time alone with this one. Mayana’s Space Bar features vanilla-bean nougat, toasted almonds, fleur de sel caramel and a 66% custom blend of dark chocolate to let you get away from it all. Need a temporary trip to Outer Space? This is your bar!”

I…I have really mixed feelings about that description. It sounds both like a warning and like it’s good. There’s also caramel oozing out of the bar upon opening which is not a bad thing. Since I don’t like nuts, here’s my friend’s opinion:

It’s like a really classy Milky Way with nuts. Caramel is tasty. Not a lot of strong flavor. Not very chocolatey – would have liked more chocolate flavor. Box is pretty.

Yeah, she’s not one for descriptions. Oh well.

Item number four


SweetsGiftBox UFO Crunch


“Sounds like fun-and-games, but UFO crunch is seriously addictive. The UFO pretzels are the perfect addition to salted popcorn and assorted nuts bathed in buttery sweet toffee. Watch the skies after your first bite as you might see something unexpected!”

Okay, that last line sounds like they laced something into the mix. Fun!

Either it’s not very good quality “buttery sweet toffee” or my tongue is dying because where is the “buttery toffee”? There’s sweet. Like a bag of sugar kind of sweet, but no butter, no toffee. Like, come on. Pretzels also taste like they were dipped in tasteless glue then a pail of sugar. No, thank you.

Also not hallucinating yet. Big disappointment there.

Item number five – last item

Vintage Confections Cotton Candy Lollipop

“Have you ever seen such a beautiful lollipop? Become one with the galaxy when you taste this delicious cotton candy flavored lollipop. Not too sweet and the perfect size, this will be a sweet treat you won’t want to share!”

They’re not wrong about the beauty of the lollipop. From the same company as the sticker marshmallows, I can only assume they used the same stickering technique to create the prettiness of this lollipop. Let’s hope that this box can at least end on a positive note though.

Oh wow! Flavor! So my tongue isn’t dying, huzzah! The taste of cotton candy rings loud and clear. It also smells strongly of grape, which might just be me. On the other hand, these edible stickers don’t taste the best. Kinda just tastes like paper, and paper doesn’t go well with lollipops. ( or marshmallows for that matter)


This box, it’s pretty with a cute theme and nice ideas. The products look nice. However, this is where compliments end. The stuff inside the box, while looking nice, didn’t taste the best, if they even tasted like anything.


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