Food stuffs, Sweet stuffs

Food review #6

By a show of hands, who likes cake? Not me. So does that mean I should buy cake? Apparently it does.

It looks so fluffy

Process seems to be simple: pour the mix in a cup, pour three tablespoons of water/milk in the cup and stir till smooth, then microwave for a minute or two and abracadabra, you got cake. The thing is, if it’s this simple, then that means they skimped on quality, right? Let’s see.

The Good

My mouth and this cake – a match made in heaven. This cake is so light and fluffy, like you’re eating…well…decent cake. It’s flavorful and soft. Very surprising quality for being bought at the local Walmart. You can taste the chocolate clearly through the cake as well.

The Bad

But, where’s my caramel?! When I read “caramel cake” and see caramel on the packaging and in the mix, I – unreasonably – thought that there would be a caramel taste in my cake. Alas, the beloved caramel apparently died.
So tragic, really.

The Neutral

It doesn’t quite look appetizing. In fact, the pictures I took made it seem more like foam in a beer than cake in a cup so that’s why there’s only one picture. My cat, on the other hand, thought it looked extremely appetizing.


It’s tasty, light and airy, with nice flavoring minus the lack of caramel. Granted, this is coming from a person who doesn’t like cake, so take what I say with a grain of salt because for all I know, this could be the world’s worst cake.


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