Food stuffs, Savory stuffs

Food review #7

Marshmallows. What’s better than marshmallows? Marshmallows with alcohol! And other various flavors.

Looks like a fun midweek night up ahead.

Bourbon Marshmallows

The Good

[Sniff sniff] You smell that? That is the smell of bourbon. It’s also the smell of a high quality marshmallow. Thick and chewy, not like store-bought marshmallows but like handmade marshmallows. You can taste the time that people spent making these. And also faint bourbon.

The Bad

I said it tasted like faint bourbon. Where’s my burn-my-throat bourbon? This is more “an effort was made” bourbon than real bourbon.
I am disappointed.


Get these for the high quality marshmallow-y-ness than the bourbon flavor. Love the marshmallows but not the lack of flavor.

Irish Cream Marshmallows

The Good

Aha! These smell like irish cream too. The ‘mallows also taste…well, creamier than the bourbon. Like…irish cream. (What a surprise) Sadly the taste is also somewhat faint.

The Bad

And again, I said it tasted faint. I want my alcohol. I am disappointed. Again.


Get these for the high quality marshmallow-y-ness than the irish cream flavor. Love the marshmallows but not the lack of flavor.
(gotta love that copypasta action)

Chocolate-Drizzled Stout Beer Marshmallows

The Good

Pretzels, chocolate, and beer. Yummy. Pretzels are good quality. Chocolate is…well…chocolate. Both of which go well together. And beer just makes it even better.

The Bad

Except that the beer is like, nonexistent. Seriously?


Just…don’t count on their alcohol flavors to have any taste whatsoever. Their marshmallows are great, but not their alcohol.

Mint Chocolate Chip Marshmallows

The Good

No nonexistent alcohol. That’s a start. The mint is cooling, like eating a chewy marshmallowy ice cube. The chocolate chip add nice undertones of chocolate to mix with the mint.

The Bad

It’s snot colored.


Overall, better than the alcohol marshmallows.

S’mores Marshmallows

The Good

Ready-made s’mores! No need for a big burning fire inside your home.

The Bad

Uh, where’s my chocolate? I want my chocolate flavor!


I gave up on this company’s flavoring. There is very little flavor of any sort in their marshmallows.


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