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Box review #4

What kind of cat person doesn’t love boxes? Especially boxes of food. This box is called “bocandy”, filled with different candies from various places around the globe.  (Thankfully, this one is a little more varied than the Munchpak with almost entirely hazelnut chocolate themed things.)


Item number one

Megehka Bulgarian Honey Cake — From Sofia, Bulgaria

Never had a honey cake before, but it doesn’t hurt to try…probably.

Look at its…uh..honey cake-ness

In all honesty, it doesn’t taste like anything. The chocolate coating is sweet and chocolatey, but the inside is tasteless except for a honey-like aftertaste. The cake part is also a tad bit dry. Dry cake, mmm delicious. Not a fan of this.

Item number two

Prestige Cake Bars Cocoa Cream — Also from Bulgaria

Cake bars don’t sound half bad either, as long as it’s not dry honey cake. Yuck.

I am a master of photography with potatoes.

Hurray, it’s not dry! Also, what happened to the pattern on the wrapper…how did it turn into rabbit droppings? Meh, rabbit droppings and icing are close enough for me. The cake inside is what really counts. It’s a moist yellow cake that’s really squishy to the touch. The chocolate creme is cool and buttery, adding a nice kick to the icing. That honey cake could learn a thing or two about cakes from this thing.

Item number three

Puchao – from Japan

Well, it’s certainly busy. Apparently, the outside is cola-flavored, with cola gummies scattered throughout, and some fizzy tablets to give it that soda-y feel. Fun.

How appetizing.
It’s certainly cola flavored. Like, to the point where my eye is twitching a bit.  The “fizzy tablets” are either non-existent or not very fizzy because I didn’t notice any fizz. Maybe it was the overwhelming cola flavor that blocked out any potential fizz. Or maybe it was the soul of the honey cake getting offended that I called it tasteless and blocking out the fizz. Who knows.

Item number four

Mints from Poland

Ah, a nice refreshing mint to clear the tastebuds after that wonderful interesting adventure. Actually, on second thought, soda-flavored things and mints don’t sound like they would go well together. Oh well. Too late to go back now.

These wouldn’t be half bad. I mean, they’re not ridiculously strong (for the most part) and they don’t leave a hideous aftertaste like many other mints do. Now, I say that they’re not strong for the most part because when I decided to get on with thinking about how nice and pleasant they are, I crunched on them like I would any with other hard candy. Big mistake. It’s like someone shoved a handful of mint leaves up to the back of my nose and left them there, out of reach. My eyes are beginning to water and my nose is runny. I regret this.

Item number five

Milk Chocolate from Poland

Wow, something ordinary. What a welcome relief after that mint crisis.

It broke.

Looks ordinary. Smells ordinary. (Aside from the residual minty freshness [shudders]) The question remains: is it ordinary? The answer is yes. This is regular ol’ milk chocolate, a welcome change from that wretched mint.

Item number six – final item

FUDGE – from Poland

Oh look, more food from that company that made the mints. This isn’t looking good.

This was also when I learned that “fudge” can actually not be that chocolatey heaven. Gasp. As it turns out, this fudge is more of a caramel-like substance, with a thin shell surrounding an almost gooey but solid center. It’s very buttery too, and thankfully doesn’t explode up my nose when I chew it.

Aside from that horrid mint, this box was quite nice, although a bit more variety would have been nice. Maybe also without that mint, it would have been perfect.


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