Food stuffs, Savory stuffs

Food review #10

A whole ten food reviews already? Wow, it’s such a milestone. To commemorate this I’m going to do absolutely nothing. Huzzah!

Soy Sauce Cheetos that might not be already empty. Oops.

Soy sauce is delicious and so are Cheetos. Put them together and whadya have? Soy Sauce Cheetos! Okay, that was way more catchy in my head. Anyhow, these Cheetos are an exclusive to Japan, but they’re still delicious. They’re sweet, they’re savory, they’re heavenly – like soy sauce.

The Good

These are a pretty accurate representation of soy sauce flavoring. They’ve got that salty savory awesomeness. Alongside that awesomeness is a dash of sweetness the moment they touch your tongue that melts into the familiar soy sauce flavoring.

The Bad

These could stand to be less sweet and more savory, but that doesn’t ruin the taste. It’s more of a nitpick

The Neutral

That good ol’ Cheeto dust still gets stuck underneath my fingernails. Fun times.


These Cheetos go from a dash of sweetness on the tip of your tongue to melting into salty goodness on the back. They are a perfect mid-morning, mid-day, or midnight snack.


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