Food stuffs, Sweet stuffs

Food review #8

Ahh, who doesn’t love some nice KitKats? What on earth could possibly top KitKats? Alcohol-flavored KitKats.

Mmm-mm, sake flavored KitKats

Okay, maybe I’m a bit obsessed with alcohol-flavored food. Just a bit.
But it’s so good. Stop judging me.

I mean just look at that wrapper – just beautiful

Are they going to be as disappointing as the supposedly alcohol flavored marshmallows?
I sure as hell hope not.

It’s so cute and tiny!

First impression? Eggnog. It smells like a nice ol’ can of beer and it tastes like Christmas Eve. Very fitting for the beginning of April. These are delicious. They’re small and bite-sized, and the scent will make you wonder if the tang that’s there is your imagination or if it’s really there. And it’s aftertaste, oh, it is just heavenly. It’s almost like a nice Butterbeer straight out of a Harry Potter book.


The Good

That sweet, sweet eggnog taste is just pure magic. The outside is creamy with an almost buttery aftertaste and leaves the scent of beer in your nose lingering.

The Bad

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there needs to be more wafer and less creme. The amount of wafer is thinner than a pencil. That is not okay.

The Neutral

I want more. There’s not enough. Wah.


These are wonderful. Just absolutely wonderful. Adequately alcohol-flavored, perfect aftertaste, perfect wrapper, I mean, just about everything is perfect. Only problem is that there isn’t more than 12 in a 12-pack bag. How dare they give what was advertised.



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