Food stuffs, Sweet stuffs

Food review #11

Baking and KitKats, perfect for each other, no? Yeah, no.

Don’t these look delicious?

So after looking up the instructions, I proceed with the baking part. Seems simple enough, right?

Don’t these look…special?

These don’t look anything like the package claimed they would but hey, I’m going to eat them anyway. Baby-vomit KitKats are the new craze.

The Good

Oh, these are just sweet, sweet, buttery goodness. Ignoring the goop on my fingers, these mini KitKats are the most buttery food I’ve had since eating pure butter. What? Don’t look at me like that.

The Bad 

Where’s my golden-brown KitKat? Where’s that nice crispy outside? What happened? What a disappointment!

The Neutral

My cookie tray is covered in buttery goop.


Get these for their buttery goodness, not the crispy golden-brownness.


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