Food stuffs, Noodle stuffs

Food review #12

Ramen comes with a lot of things. Schoolwork, student debt, crippling depression, stuff like that. But then there’s the ramen that comes with a hunk of bacon.

Nisshin Raji Rich Skins and Pig Bone (According to Google Translate)

Now, I love to get surprise noodles, especially when you have absolutely no clue about what in the world you’re getting. Surprise food is fun like that!

But the best thing about these noodles is the hunk of bacon that it comes with. Bacon is like the holy grail of mystery foods. Seriously, it is.

The Good

The broth tastes exactly like bacon fat. And did I not mention how the soup comes with a piece of its own bacon? It’s salty, it’s savory, it’s bacon-y…it’s perfect!

The Bad

It’s also like eating liquified salt.
I don’t think I can ever drink enough water to make up for eating this.

The Neutral

The noodles are so tiny and little. It’s almost cute.


These noodles are the most perfect noodles I’ve eaten since forever. It’s like a bowl of liquid bacon with noodles and other stuff. But mostly bacon. Only slight problem is that you need to bring like 6+ gallons of water once you finish because these are so salty.


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