Food stuffs, Savory stuffs

Food review #13


Eating things when you have no idea what flavor they are…eh, typical day for me. This time it’s Miang Kam flavor chips from Thailand.

“Enjoy lime, ginger, chili, dried shrimp and coconut flavors on a crisp Lay’s potato chip”

My cat insisted on being at least partially in the picture.

The Good

Lime flavor and chips are the perfect match. The tang is perfect on anything the least bit crunchy. The coconut adds a dash of sweetness to the tanginess. The ginger and dried shrimp add a baseline that gives an undertone that highlights all the other flavors. And last but not least, the chili leaves your mouth feeling all warm inside.

The Bad

For all the flavor packed into these chips, it’s awfully faint. When I read how much flavor there was supposed to be, I was expecting this huge powerful kick.

So I waited, and waited, and half a bag later I realized that the flavor wasn’t supposed to punch you in the face.

The Neutral

They make me want to sneeze.


These are amazing.  So much flavor, albeit faint, packed into each chip. It’s beautiful except for the constant feeling of needing to sneeze.


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