Food stuffs, Sweet stuffs

Food review #14

There’s lots of good flavors of things in the world. Like bacon or alcohol. But then there’s the few ultimate flavors, such as unicorn. This limited-time…thing is supposed to switch from sweet and fruity to being more tangy when stirred (maybe real unicorns are sweet until they have a metal spoon stuck inside them?)

unicorn frap.JPG

And this, my friends, is what the entrails of the mythical unicorn look like.

The Good

So before the shake is stirred, it’s pretty…uh…it smells good? Yeah, it’s really not that appetizing at first. However, once it’s stirred, despite losing it’s pretty looks, it tastes amazing. The taste of the mango really stands out among the liquified sugar. Maybe it’s closer to a blue raspberry flavor, but nonetheless, it’s a welcome tartness in the midst of a sugar avalanche.

The Bad

As I said earlier, before the shake is stirred, you might as well be eating liquid sugar. Like, gallons of it all condensed into one little shake. Yummy yum yum.

The Neutral

It looks like a unicorn either puked/shat/bled into your cup. (What fun!) Not entirely sure which orifice produced this shake though.


It’s alright. Too sweet for my taste, especially before it’s stirred. But after you’ve stirred it, wow, all the sugar goes poof into a nice tarty flavor. I wonder if that’s how the guts of a unicorn work?


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