Food stuffs, Sweet stuffs

Food review #15

I have no clue how to read or pronounce any of these.
Green circles are the best of the batch.
Red circles are the weird of the batch.
Blue circles are the could-be-better/worse of the batch.

One of the candies in the bag of assorted Russian and Ukrainian chocolates was something called “Lyovushka” which is “Glazed candy with jelly and soft milk caramel filling.” Let me tell you something: that stuff is good. It’s all squishy like a marshmallow but actually flavorful, like food. I think that was my favorite out of the bag. It was either “Lyovushka” or “Jacqueline Zephyr Chocolate Candy with Strawberry” which tasted the same but instead of vanilla jelly, this one had strawberry jelly. Both were incredible.

Sometimes food descriptions from other countries can be…disturbing to say the least. One of the descriptions for a candy called “Stolichnye” was “Chocolate sweets with the combined stuffings: a delightful combination of dairy lipstick and liqueur stuffings.” Mmm. Dairy lipstick and liqueur stuffings. Just what I always wanted.

Another weird-ish description was of a chocolate – couldn’t get the name of it – and it was “sugar, chocolate glaze (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanilla flavour), ground dry roasted peanuts, butter, flavour identical to natural (vanillin).Chocolates with roasted groundnuts” …Flavor identical to natural? Yum?

Lookit the baby face.

I sure do love my dairy lipstick, liqueur stuffings, and flavors identical to natural.

Also look at my horrible quality pictures.
Look at ’em.
Love ’em.

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