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Food review #16

From left to right: Melon, Muscat, Red Grape

After the long process of soul-tearing finals, I like to come home and binge on food. Well, I usually binge on food, but this actually gives me a better reason other than “boredom.” This time, it happens to be a few different flavors of Kororo gummies. These particular gummies are rather different than most of the ones that you can find in the local supermarket. They’re like skinned grapes that were injected with chemical-flavored juice. Except the melon. The melon is just an abomination.

Red Grape

The Good

Well, they taste like red grapes that were injected with fake grape juice to make it all the more grape-ier.

The Bad

It’s like eating a miniature water balloon. I…I’m not sure I like this. Maybe I should compare it to eating a real water balloon?


Chemical flavors are the best flavors! In all seriousness, it has a good taste, but not a very genuine taste. It’s the sort of “I can taste the ‘red’ in the fruit” taste.


The Good

Well, like the red grape flavor, the Muscat flavor also tastes like grapes. However, instead of fake grape juice, these taste like someone put some apple flavoring in them. Not that I’m complaining.

The Bad

I…I’m still not sure if I enjoy the texture of water balloons in my food.


The muscat flavor is pretty good, however the red grapes still prevail in terms of taste. Red Grapes for President 2020!


The Good

You know what? These are so bad that I’m not even going to bother trying to come up with anything half decent to say about these.

The Bad

Other than everything about these, I’d have to say that apart from the sickeningly orange color, the taste is the absolute worst. It’s like someone put some artificial melon juice inside a raw potato and then shoved it down your throat. Blech.


Today I learned that raw potatoes and melons don’t mix well and that a hazy orange color doesn’t do it any justice. Nor does putting little seeds make anything better.


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