Box stuffs, Random Box stuffs

Box review #5

You know, when you get a box of stuff from another country, you kinda hope that it’s stuff that’s super cool or weird, something that you can’t really get in your own country. Yeah, that’s what I hoped for when I ordered a box of around 15 or so different items from Japan, but a lot of it turned out to be things similar to what I could get from other stores. Granted, I’m not surprised; I know that some snacks are the same all around the world, but I am slightly disappointed.

Ta-da! A box of snacks. Look at all the words I can’t read~
Shh. That one bag totally isn’t upside-down. Shh.

BUT! I say slight for a reason because in the midst of average snacks, (don’t be fooled, the pizza packaging on one of them just tastes like normal cheese balls and that “big” one is simply an enormous wafer), one thing stood out – Talking Cow “chips!” Hmm, that name has a lot of explaining to do. Here goes nothing.

The Good

Look at the glorious waffle fry/chips and that meat…oh that meat looks good!

I mean look at the detail in that picture. That meat looks amazing! Since I can’t read any other language, I decided to google search the bag by image. One of the results was a link to Amazon, a site I was actually familiar with. Thankful for the familiarity, I go onto the site and translate it, and lo and behold, the flavor of “Talking cow taste.” I mean, what could be better than talking cow flavored waffle fry/chips? Sure, I’d be eating some sort of scientific breakthrough of what talking cows taste like, but…but its meat flavored waffle chip/fries! So I hurriedly open the bag, excited to taste the legendary talking cow. What does scientific breakthrough taste like, you ask?
Seasoning salt.

The Bad

So if that was the amazing awesomeness of the box, there has to be something bad to counteract the overwhelming amazingness of talking cow taste, right? They sure thought so. There was one item so horrendous, that it doesn’t even deserve a picture. That’s right, it’s that bad. The offender’s name? “Chocobat.”

What does that name make you think of? Do you think of, oh I don’t know, a piece of chocolate shaped like a bat? I mean, that’s what I thought, but it’s sure as hell not what I got. What I ended up getting was maybe a few millimeters of chocolate covering a stale excuse for bread. There are more than a few problems with this.

1.  I don’t like stale food.
2.  I don’t like bread.
3.  I don’t like stale bread.

I think you can see where this is going.

The Verdict

Overall, the box of stuff wasn’t too bad. There was the gem of talking cow waffle fry/chips, and the horrendous atrocity of Chocobat. Many of the things in between were things somewhat similar to what you could find a store somewhere, but that’s alright. A lot of snacks are quite similar world-wide with a few differences. Most of these snacks  had cool and noticeable wrappers and such. It’s just fun to see what other countries eat.


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