About the site

Hmm. What to say…what to say…

Well, for starters, welcome to the site if you’re new. If you’re just checking out this page for whatever reasons you have, then…hello? I think?

It’s story time, y’all!

I started this site on March 7th, 2017, as a new hobby.  For the past several months, I’d been dabbling back and forth on various activities and I found myself thinking about starting a blog on food and subscription boxes. Give a few hours, and a trip to a doughnut shop, and here I am, typing up a description for the site. [waves and smiles awkwardly].

First things first, I am an incredibly picky eater. Like, really picky. Like “Yeah, I could just suck it up and deal with it, but I’m too selfish to do that” kind of picky. I’ll eat almost any kind of junk food, but I’ll shrivel up and die if someone so much as mentions these things called “vegetables.”[shudders] And I know it’s not easy to be a picky eater, or to house/feed a picky eater. That’s part of the reason why I wanted to include food on this site, so that others who have the same taste/others who are trying to feed people with the same taste can see what I review and either shun me entirely and block this site from their kids or they might find a new food that they like. Finding new food that a picky eater likes is always nice.

Aside from the pickiness, I freaking love food. I’ll inhale several pounds of chicken and scour the kitchen for more. I’ll snarf through a pack and a half of cookies in half a day. I’ll…well, I’m sure you get the idea. But can I just keep all these food thoughts to myself? Of course not! I need a place to share these brilliant findings! I need a blog, a blog of things, a blog for things, a [thing] blog. (Or Kuzco’s poison, that’ll suffice.)

But where do the boxes come in? Am I secretly an undercover cat, spying on the dogs to find their weakness? Meow- I mean, no. Probably not. Subscription boxes are fun. It’s like getting a(nother) surprise once a month; instead, this surprise is full of cool and fun things. Foods from around the world with unreadable, if not unpronounceable, names that taste really…different. Ever look at some of those boxes but think to yourself “By golly, I sure would like that box, but I have no idea what kind of things come inside”? Well, never fear, the cookie jar is here!