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Food review #12

Ramen comes with a lot of things. Schoolwork, student debt, crippling depression, stuff like that. But then there's the ramen that comes with a hunk of bacon. Now, I love to get surprise noodles, especially when you have absolutely no clue about what in the world you're getting. Surprise food is fun like that! But the… Continue reading Food review #12

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Food review #11

Baking and KitKats, perfect for each other, no? Yeah, no. So after looking up the instructions, I proceed with the baking part. Seems simple enough, right? These don't look anything like the package claimed they would but hey, I'm going to eat them anyway. Baby-vomit KitKats are the new craze. The Good Oh, these are… Continue reading Food review #11

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Food review #10

A whole ten food reviews already? Wow, it's such a milestone. To commemorate this I'm going to do absolutely nothing. Huzzah! Soy sauce is delicious and so are Cheetos. Put them together and whadya have? Soy Sauce Cheetos! Okay, that was way more catchy in my head. Anyhow, these Cheetos are an exclusive to Japan,… Continue reading Food review #10

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Food review #9

Cows are good. They make milk for cream and butter. They're made of beef. They're also apparently inspiration for flavors like cow tongue. Yum. Trust me - a random internet stranger - they sound worse than they really are. These are a puffed corn snack that tastes like someone just marinated it in A1 steak… Continue reading Food review #9

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Food review #8

Ahh, who doesn't love some nice KitKats? What on earth could possibly top KitKats? Alcohol-flavored KitKats. Okay, maybe I'm a bit obsessed with alcohol-flavored food. Just a bit. But it's so good. Stop judging me. Are they going to be as disappointing as the supposedly alcohol flavored marshmallows? I sure as hell hope not. First… Continue reading Food review #8