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Box review #5

You know, when you get a box of stuff from another country, you kinda hope that it's stuff that's super cool or weird, something that you can't really get in your own country. Yeah, that's what I hoped for when I ordered a box of around 15 or so different items from Japan, but a… Continue reading Box review #5

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Box review #4

What kind of cat person doesn't love boxes? Especially boxes of food. This box is called "bocandy", filled with different candies from various places around the globe.  (Thankfully, this one is a little more varied than the Munchpak with almost entirely hazelnut chocolate themed things.) Item number one Never had a honey cake before, but… Continue reading Box review #4

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Box review #3

This box is the "Sweets Giftbox" which is a part of " family" and this month's theme is "A Taste of Outer Space." Sounds like fun, no? Let's begin, shall we? Item number one "These yummy cookies are sure to send you to the moon and back! The tart lemon highlights the sweet vanilla, making… Continue reading Box review #3

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Box Review #2

Another box! This box is called MunchPak, which will bring you various snacks from around the world. Let's look inside~ So it looks like there's a bunch of hazelnut and chocolate combos, some "pepper crackers", and something with no English on it other than "sour paper." Sounds delicious. Well, the name and the looks are… Continue reading Box Review #2

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Box review #1

I have been a long time subscriber of Japan Crate - 3 days shorts of two years - and am excited to make my first review of their March 2017 crate. As of now, I only get the mini crates, which have about 5-7 different things in them. This month's crate had some things that… Continue reading Box review #1