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Food review #16

After the long process of soul-tearing finals, I like to come home and binge on food. Well, I usually binge on food, but this actually gives me a better reason other than "boredom." This time, it happens to be a few different flavors of Kororo gummies. These particular gummies are rather different than most of… Continue reading Food review #16

Food stuffs, Sweet stuffs

Food review #15

Legend: Green circles are the best of the batch. Red circles are the weird of the batch. Blue circles are the could-be-better/worse of the batch. One of the candies in the bag of assorted Russian and Ukrainian chocolates was something called "Lyovushka” which is “Glazed candy with jelly and soft milk caramel filling.” Let me… Continue reading Food review #15

Food stuffs, Sweet stuffs

Food review #14

There's lots of good flavors of things in the world. Like bacon or alcohol. But then there's the few ultimate flavors, such as unicorn. This limited-time...thing is supposed to switch from sweet and fruity to being more tangy when stirred (maybe real unicorns are sweet until they have a metal spoon stuck inside them?) The… Continue reading Food review #14

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Food review #13

  Eating things when you have no idea what flavor they, typical day for me. This time it's Miang Kam flavor chips from Thailand. My cat insisted on being at least partially in the picture. The Good Lime flavor and chips are the perfect match. The tang is perfect on anything the least bit… Continue reading Food review #13

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Food review #12

Ramen comes with a lot of things. Schoolwork, student debt, crippling depression, stuff like that. But then there's the ramen that comes with a hunk of bacon. Now, I love to get surprise noodles, especially when you have absolutely no clue about what in the world you're getting. Surprise food is fun like that! But the… Continue reading Food review #12